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13 Strategies to Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time

Another year has come and gone, and we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic and worrying about the variants. One of the side-effects of the ongoing pandemic is that people have started to spend more time at home and avoid the outdoors. For teens, it has meant spending more time on screen than ever. As most experts agree that too much screen time is not good for anyone, you should consider reducing your teen’s screen time as well. Here are a few tips that might help. 

  1. Be the Right Role Model

When you want to make sure your teen spends less time on the screen every day, you should be an ideal role model. Reduce your screen time to show them how it’s done, and they will be more likely to follow your lead.

  1. Talk About the Side Effects

You can also talk to your teen about screen addiction and its side effects. Let them know how their future can be negatively impacted with so much screen time. You can also ask your family doctor to have a chat with your teen on this topic. 

  1. Encourage Outdoor Activities

It is also advised that you ask your teen to take care of the outdoor activities like grocery shopping or visit the local cafe with friends (keeping COVID guidelines in mind). 

  1. Set a Weekly Limit

Set a weekly screen time limit for your teen. You can do that for the entire household to make your teen realize that everyone is restricted, not just them. 

  1. No Screens at Mealtimes

You can also make a rule that there will be no screens allowed at mealtimes. It will help reduce the screen exposure of your teen and all the family members. Ask family members to leave their phones or other gadgets in the room when they come for meals. 

  1. Set a Daily Schedule

Ask your teen to go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time too. When teens go to bed early, they don’t scroll through the screens half the night.

  1. Have More Family Time

Plan more family activities like camping trips, hiking trips, or fishing trips, among others, to ensure that your teen stays occupied. Limit screen time during family time to ensure that everyone listens to everyone else. 

  1. Make it a Privilege

It is also recommended that you make screen time a privilege. Allow your teen to have screen time, like watching a movie on the weekend only after they are done with the schoolwork and other household chores. They have to earn the screen time. 

  1. Discourage Multitasking

Ask your teen to focus on one task at a time. When they are doing household duties, homework, or other essential tasks, they should leave their mobile or tablets. It can distract them and often lead to mistakes/accidents. 

  1. Encourage Workouts

It is also smart to motivate your teen to work out regularly. It will keep them healthy, and they will stay away from the screens for at least one hour every day. You can do a parent-teen workout session at home too. 

  1. Schedule Screen-Free Days

Make sure everyone in your family has some screen-free days. For instance, every Sunday can be spent with family day wherein everyone switches off their gadgets and spends some quality time together. 

  1. Ask to Engage in Non-Screen Activities

You can also ask your teen to try non-screen activities like communicating with parents and siblings, socializing with friends, reading books, playing a sport, doing creative stuff like sewing, etc. 

  1. Have Weekly Reviews

Have weekly review meetings to discuss screen time and save your teen from screen addition and all the side effects it brings. 

Talk to an Expert

If your teen is addicted to screens, you can talk to an expert. You can trust me, Michelle Mehta, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. 

I am passionate about helping teenagers feel authentic, empowered, worthy, loved and helping them create a sense of belonging and believe that the world needs their talents. If you feel you would like to have your teenager work with me, let’s set up a time to talk and connect. I look forward to Empowering Your Teenager to Shine with Confidence. To know more, click here.

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