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Best New Year’s Resolutions for Teenagers in 2022

Parenting a teenager is never an easy job. You need a lot of patience, a calm mind, and excellent communication skills to talk to them and understand them. If you are a teen parent who wants to ensure that your teenager starts the new year 2022 on the right note, then here is a list of the best new year resolutions for your teenagers in 2022. The ideas we have mentioned here are simple and easy to stick to in the long run. Make sure your teenager writes them down, or you can do that for them so that they can have these with them all the time.

  1. Be Healtier

You can motivate your teenager to be healthier than they are now. So, the New Year resolution attached to this goal could be to do more workouts, make their own food, avoid eating out, drink lots of water, and even track their calories and steps. A teen can also choose to shed a few extra pounds and set a weight goal. They can also have a dream body that they want to achieve one day. To be better, a teen can also try new stuff like breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. 

  1. Follow Their Passion

Another smart New Year resolution for teens can be to follow their passion. For instance, if your teen is interested in music, they can start music lessons and find out which skills they already have and need to hone. If your team is good at writing songs but not so good at singing, they can work on their singing skills with the help of a singing expert or teacher. 

  1. Reduce the Stress

Unfortunately, stress has become a common part of everyone’s life these days, even more so with teenagers. More and more teenagers have sleep issues, trouble concentrating, and have developed the habit of overthinking. If your teenager is also among them, you can motivate them to consider reducing the stress as a key New Year resolution. Some of the simplest ways to reduce stress are exercising, organizing their lives, getting more sleep, taking hot showers, drinking tea, writing out the stresses, and trying breathing exercises, among others. Your teen should try different methods to reduce stress and stick to whatever works for them.

  1. Improve the Grades

As the competitiveness in the world is increasing, the pressure to get better grades is also rising. If your teen is not getting good grades right now, one of their New Year resolutions could be to improve their grades in 2022. They can achieve this goal by organizing their school agenda to have a clear mind, putting more effort into understanding any material they need to cover, and even seeking the help of a smarter classmate who can study with them. Private tutors can also be the answer for some teenagers.

  1. Stick to a Schedule

When a kid turns into a teenager, one of the things they do commonly is not follow a schedule. If your teenager is also among such people and is not following a schedule daily, you need to motivate them to fix it. In 2022, they can make a New Year resolution to craft a schedule for themselves and stick to it. Your teen should get up at the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every evening to get proper sleep. They should also dedicate set hours for study, video games, outdoor time, etc. Sticking to a schedule is a good habit that will help them in their adult years.

  1. Practice Better Hygiene

If you are a teen parent, you will agree that they are not very keen on hygiene. In 2022, you can motivate your teen to practice better hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing twice a day, washing their face twice a day, taking a shower every day, cutting their nails regularly, applying a moisturizer daily, and shaving regularly, among others. Better hygiene always leads to better health and well-being. 

  1. Ditch Unhealthy Habits

Smoking, drinking, and drug abuse are among some of the common problems of teenagers today. They usually get into these unhealthy habits through peer pressure and find it hard to ditch them after some time. If you suspect or know that your teenager also has one of these unhealthy habits, then you should not get angry or frustrated about it. Instead, it would help motivate them to ditch the unhealthy habits in 2022 and restart their lives on a better note. Explain why a bad habit can ruin their life, career, and even their future.

  1. Reduce Screen Time

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more teenagers are stuck at home. As a result, they spend more and more time in front of screens like TV, laptop, tablet, video games, mobile, etc. In 2022, you can ask them to take a New Year resolution to reduce the screen time and go out again. Of course, they need to take precautions when going out like social distancing and wearing masks, etc. Safety should be their priority.

  1. Be Grateful

Another New year resolution your teen can take in 2022 is to be grateful for all they have. They should learn to practice mindfulness, live in the present, avoid stressing about the future, and be grateful for having a roof over their head, food to eat, good educational opportunities, and loving parents or guardians. When they appreciate what they have, they will value it more and focus on improving their life for the better. They would also learn to compliment others and be thankful for even a little effort someone makes for them. Such habits will turn them into better adults in the future.

  1. Give Back

Last but certainly not least, your teen should make a New Year resolution to give back. They should do it out of the kindness of their heart and selflessly. A teenager can donate money, donate clothes, support a charity, volunteer for a charity, help with food drives, participate in fundraisers, donate blood, intern at a hospital, or help the underprivileged any way they can. Giving back to the community will make your teenager more grateful and humble.

These are a few New Year resolutions you and your teen might want to create in 2022. The intention is to do as little or as many resolutions as you can in a day, week, or a month. Start with one for 30 days and then you may choose to add on another one for the next 30 days. 

Need More Help?

If you need more suggestions on how to help your teenager become a better person in 2022, you might need a professional’s assistance. You can trust me, Michelle Mehta, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. 

I am passionate about helping teenagers feel authentic, empowered, worthy, loved and helping them create a sense of belonging and believe that the world needs their talents. If you feel you would like to have your teenager work with me, let’s set up a time to talk and connect. I look forward to Empowering Your Teenager to Shine with Confidence. To know more, click here.

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