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Holidays with Teenagers- Tips to Make It Fun!

If you are a teen parent, you might have felt that holidays with your teen(s) are a tricky thing. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you can use this time to connect with your teenager(s), understand their ideas, and spend some quality time together. Here are a few ideas that might help.

  1. Organize a Party

One of the most interesting things you can do with your teen(s) over the holidays is to organize a party. You can invite everyone from your friends and relatives to even your neighbors. It will be a fun event for everyone, and you will get to meet your teen’s friends.

  1. Go Out on an Adventure

If you are the adventurous sort, you should plan an adventure with your teen(s). There are tons of activities you can choose from like hiking, river-rafting, camping, and many others. Pick a few activities to make everything more fun. 

  1. Spend Time at Home

In case you and your teen(s) are introverts who prefer to stay at home during the holidays, you can spend some quality time together doing something as simple as a movie marathon or just reading a novel together. 

  1. Attend a Concert/Play Event

You can also attend a play, concert, or live event with your teen(s). It will make your holiday more memorable and increase the fun factor. All the family members can choose one event they like best, and all would have to attend that together. 

  1. Learn a Skill Together

If you have some free time on your hand this holiday season, you can make use of it by learning a new skill with your teen(s). It can be anything from cooking to baking, playing guitar to crafty stuff, or even painting. Let your hobby or passion help you connect with your teen(s). 

  1. Relive Childhood Memories 

You can also make the most of the holiday season and connect with your teen(s) by reliving their childhood. You can do interesting stuff together, like relook at the images or toys your teen(s) had when they were a kid and share the story of each. 

  1. Play a Video Game

If your teen is a fan of video games, you can play with them and learn how to do it right. They would be happy to teach you and guide you towards victory. It will also help pass on the message that you are a team. 

  1. Give Them Real Chores

To make your teen(s) feel more responsible this holiday season, give them real chores. It may vary from picking up gifts for your relatives or packing all the gifts deftly. Trust them with important stuff to make them feel you trust their abilities or honesty. 

  1. Communicate Freely

The holiday season is the perfect time to open up with your teen(s). The festive atmosphere will drive conversations easily, and you can share amazing stories. Communication is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and enhance the trust factor. 

  1. Be Patient

Managing teenagers can be stressful as they have many mood swings, temper tantrums, and react before thinking. So, try not to get angry or lash out. You should stay patient and be calm for as long as you can. 

  1. Have Fun!

The holiday season is all about forgetting your worries and having fun. So, you should have a lot of fun and ensure that your teen also has fun. Even if your ideas of fun are different, you need to understand and be more accommodating. 

Seek Help

If your teen(s) is not opening up to you this holiday season even after many attempts, you might need a professional’s assistance. You can trust me, Michelle Mehta, a certified professional co-active coach, an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. 

I am passionate about helping teenagers feel authentic, empowered, worthy, loved, and help them create a sense of belonging and believe that the world needs their talents. So, if you feel you’re called to have your teenager work with me, let’s set up a time to talk and connect. I look forward to Empowering Your Teenager to Shine with Confidence. To know more, click here

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